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Earring Description
This is the perfect stud earring to bring a starburst of color energy to any outfit!  People describe this earring as fun, classy, playful, happy, light, and the most comfortable earring they have ever worn!  My Polka Dot studs can be worn for weddings or casual wear, and can bring any outfit together in a unique way!

LX Signature Polka Dot studs can be custom ordered in many colors and a variety of sizes. They are handcrafted by meticulously weaving one tiny Myuki Japanese seed bead at a time over a pine wood cut painted bead. The posts are made of the highest quality sterling silver and are guaranteed to not break. I use dyed jewelry thread to match the earring color. The soft beautiful reindeer leather that encloses the back is from the Lapland Saami people and not only enhances the comfort, but also adds to the overall stability of this earring. Each pair of LX Signature Polka Dot earrings takes over 2.5 hours to create.

If you look closely you will notice the hidden Pentacle woven into each pattern. This five point star represents five elements: earth, air, water, fire, and spirit, and as such this star has been used universally for over 8000 years as a symbol of protection, guidance, and finding one's path.
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