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Bracelet Description
Saami & Roo showcases handcrafted traditional Saami  and Celtic inspired jewellery, and unique hand-braided kangaroo leather jewellery. I come from a diverse background of Celtic and Scandinavian cultures. All of my plant-tanned reindeer leather  is imported from the Saami tribes in Northern Sweden where reindeer husbandry is still an important part of the Saami culture.
The Saami people, also known as Laplanders, are the indigenous natives of the Nordic countries and reside near the Arctic Circle. For several centuries the Saami people have been the caretakers of the wild reindeer caribou and have lived their lives around this beautiful animal. Their traditional tin embroidery techniques and leather work are an important part of their culture, and can be seen in their tin pewter thread and reindeer leather jewellery.
I use naturally shed, horn caribou antler buttons or unique vintage pewter or bone buttons for my closures. The hand-twined nickel free pewter with 10% sterling silver is also imported from Sweden and is used to make the various braiding patterns in my jewellery.
I also occasionally use buckskin deer leather from British Columbia, and Kangaroo lace from Australia in some of my bracelets. I have named many of my bracelet and choker creations after the Rune Stones, which were last used in Iceland during the late Middle Ages.
It is my hope that my Saami & Roo creations will remind the wearer to be mindful and present in their own lives and spiritual journey.

All of my bracelets can be made in a variety of colors and sizes, and custom orders are always welcome! Each purchase comes in its own special gift box with a write-up about the bracelet and where applicable it's Rune namesake and meaning.
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